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Judge confirms Kevin Spacey $31m penalty

August 5, 2022

In 2021, a US Arbitration tribunal found against Kevin Spacey and a claim for $31 million (€30.3m) made against him in favour of House of Cards production company Media Rights Capital (MRC). Spacey appealed the decision, but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Recana on August 4th ruled that the payment decision was valid.

The Superior Court said: “The Arbitrator’s conclusion that Respondents’ [Spacey] breach caused the aforesaid damages is a factual finding which the court generally cannot review for error,” Recana explained. “Further, the court cannot review the sufficiency of the evidence supporting the arbitration award. A three-arbitrator panel also affirmed the Arbitrator’s Final Award in proceedings under the JAMS Optional Arbitration Appeal Procedure.”

The case concerns Spacey’s alleged sexual activity which emerged in 2017 and culminated in him being written out of Season 6 of House of Cards.

In essence, the Arbitration panel found that Spacey breached the parties’ acting and producing agreements through his interactions with five crewmembers.

The ruling against Spacey also named M Profett Productions Inc., and Trigger Street Productions Inc, believed to be associated with Spacey. Spacey was also an Executive Producer of House of Cards.


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