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New SSIMPLUS VOD monitor delivers VOD workflow automation

August 31, 2022

SSIMWAVE, a specialist in Video Experience Automation, will introduce a turbocharged version of its SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor product at IBC 2022 (1.B10) to help streaming services efficiently scale and automate quality validation in their workflows.

SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor uses video quality benchmarks based on the SSIMPLUS family of algorithms to enable VOD workflow operations’ teams to set quality-based checks on every piece of content delivered to ensure that viewer experience meets providers’ standards and subscribers’ expectations. The SSIMPLUS family of algorithms replicate the human visual system and can quickly identify all sections of interest in any asset that need to be watched by humans, generating actionable data to aid deeper automation.

“Automating the where and the why of video quality shortfalls can help providers deliver the viewer experiences that can make or break subscriber satisfaction and loyalty,” said Abdul Rehman, SSIMWAVE CEO and Co-founder. “Using the new SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor, teams can ensure that every asset that reaches end-viewers has met or exceeded quality expectations.”

“This solves the needle in the haystack situation of locating bad video quality in response to subscriber complaints,” said Beatriz Pineda, Senior Director, Product Strategy at SSIMWAVE. “SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor allows teams to zero in on the parts that caused the issue, resulting in huge operational efficiencies that can amount to millions of dollars in savings for services with big content libraries and millions of subscribers.” 

From an Asset Dashboard, video quality control and assurance teams can quickly drill down and see the specific sections that caused dips in quality and the reason for the dips. Frames can be visually examined using the patented SSIMPLUS Quality Map feature (see attached images); Quality Maps can be exported so that all stakeholders in the video delivery chain are working from the same information.

SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor allows a limitless number of thresholds to be set, enabling providers to implement stricter rules for tentpole content that is crucial to business performance and lower thresholds for longtail content. SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor can be deployed in the cloud and scaled up and down depending on each streaming service’s needs. The product is powered by the Emmy-award winning SSIMPLUS family of algorithms that most accurately mimic the human visual system and correlate with it.

In addition to the debut of SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor, SSIMWAVE also will be showing at IBC its sports streaming benchmarking that can help sports telecasters and leagues understand where they stand in terms of the quality they deliver. SSIMWAVE will have a live sports streaming benchmarking demo event in conjunction with the F1 Italian Grand Prix on September 11th from 3-5pm CET.

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