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Sky CEO: ‘Technology at our beating heart’

September 7, 2022

By Colin Mann

Dana Strong, Sky Group CEO, has declared that technology is “absolutely” at the beating heart of what Sky does.

Speaking during the Sky Tech Summit at the operator’s London campus, she said that Sky “sets the bar. It’s the company to measure yourself against in terms of customer experience and innovation and that has been the case for many a decade.”

She suggested that one of the reasons was Sky’s control of the value chain. “Whether it’s hardware or software in the network, or content production and acquisition, distribution supply chain. Having that unique insight to customer needs across different product lines  and multiple different levels of interaction allows us to innovate differently.”

“[Technology] is absolutely at the beating heart of everything we do,” she declared. “It’s the foundation, it’s the air that keeps the body of Sky moving.”

She noted that Sky parent Comcast had been able to take some of the Sky innovation and bring it across the Atlantic to its customers.

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