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SoftAtHome partners with WNC

October 17, 2022

SoftAtHome, an independent software company for broadband, video, and analytics, and Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC), an expert in the design, development, and manufacturing of cutting-edge communications products, are now partnering to help operators benefit from an open-source ecosystem for home gateways and Wi-Fi routers. The two companies, both members of the prpl Foundation, will propose joint broadband, 5G, and fiber gateway solutions for operators.

SoftAtHome and WNC join their efforts to ease operators’ lives, thanks to open-source adoption. With this partnership, operators will benefit from SoftAtHome’s software and WNC’s product and system solutions with access to open-source benefits: a better time-to-market, an expanded ecosystem, and an easier way to accelerate innovation.

SoftAtHome is actively contributing to the prpl Foundation, an open-source software organization, by developing and maintaining code for prplWare, the first carrier-grade open-source stack for Broadband and CPE. By using prplWare, prplOS, prplMesh, and SoftAtHome’s Life Cycle Management solution, operators now have access to an end-to-end solution for application life cycle management based on prpl’s specifications, which finally opens operators’ CPEs to the apps world.

“We are delighted to collaborate with WNC as a major broadband player, especially with our common work on 5G, Fibre, and other broadband gateways”, said David Viret-Lange, CEO of SoftAtHome.

“We are an active contributor of the prpl Foundation, and we do not doubt that this new partnership will allow us to contribute together to a larger adoption of our prpl based solutions by our customers.” “We share SoftAtHome’s vision that open-source enables operators globally to benefit from evolving, innovative, shared home services for the home gateway, such as SoftAtHome’s Life Cycle Management solution,” said Johnson Hsu, GM of WNC’s Connected Home Business Group. “

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