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Ovzon revenues up 63%

October 25, 2022

By Chris Forrester

Sweden-based Ovzon, whose mission statement is to “revolutionise mobile broadband via satellite providing global coverage with the highest bandwidth through the smallest terminals” has just declared its latest numbers, with revenues up 63 per cent.

The company has also revealed that its next satellite, Ovzon 3, will launch by February 2023.

Ovzon’s Q3 numbers (to September 30th) saw “strong revenue growth” of 78.1 million Swedish Kroner (€7.1m).

CEO Per Norén denied there were problems in securing a launch provider for its latest satellite which was undergoing final tests at Maxar Technologies.

“We have line of sight today to what is going on at Maxar and some of the other programmes. We are sticking to the launch slot we have been given. We believe that that timeline holds and that we are making steady progress towards getting Ovzon 3 in space,” he said.

“The launch of Ovzon 3 will take place sometime in the time period December 2022 to February 2023,” he added.

Ovzon already has trading relationships with the likes of Intelsat (and has long leases on Intelsat ‘s IS-37 and IS-39 satellites) although business has been slow with Ovzon admitting that a steerable antenna on Intelsat-39 was unused during the first nine months of this year.

Ovzon’s existing client base includes the UK’s Ministry of Defence, the US Department of Defense, the UN, Italy’s Fire & rescue service and the Colombian government as well as Media and Broadcast clients.

The company says its ‘Hero’ advanced high-performance ‘Satcom as a service’ offering (70 Mb/s – 120 Mb/s) can be deployed in just 90 seconds provided that the company’s terminal is available to the user. However, its order book (backlog) has fallen back a little (Q2 was $11.4 million, Q3 was $10.4 million).

“The third quarter was, similar to the previous two, characterised by high activity in Ovzon, where our future opportunities remain strong despite the challenges in our surrounding world. Our sales activities in the form of dialogues, product demonstrations and tests with existing and new customers continue to be high. There is an increased need and interest in high-performing, efficient, and secure mobile satellite communications for all types of customers with critical missions. We are convinced that this will lead to strategic business. Our order intake has not yet mirrored the ongoing activities in our customer dialogues, but we have good indications that this will change,” said Norén.

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