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FirstLook TV wins Netflix commission for more My Lover My Kille

January 26, 2023

Following the success of the first season of FirstLook TV’s My Lover My Killer, which sat for weeks in Netflix’s top ten trending shows, the UK true crime indie has been commissioned to produce a second season of its true crime docuseries.

The returning series investigates a range of different stories about those who paid the ultimate price for offending an obsessive lover. Told with interviews from those closest the cases, viewers will once again hear stories about some of the most shocking British murders. Each episode features testimonies from family and friends of these victims, as well as the investigative police officers who were involved in tracking down the killers.

Part of the intention with bringing the series back is to raise awareness of these dangerous relationships and crimes, and therefore equip people with the ability to identify the signposts before it’s too late. Each 60-minute episode will unpick the criminal cases, centred around abusive relationships and the victims that paid the ultimate price. Alongside uncovering the crimes, the series will explore the psychology that motivates this kind of violence and how these killers were brought to justice. The deal was closed on behalf of FirstLook TV by Abacus Media Rights.

From an obsessive soldier with a deadly mission, to a crime scene on a puppy farm, this second season shines a light on some of the most shocking murder cases in the country.

Will Hanrahan, founder of FirstLook TV and executive producer on My Lover My Killer, said: “We’re thankful to the families and friends of the victims involved. Their stories have enabled us to shine a light on the danger of toxic relationships and help viewers to identify the signs that could help prevent further crimes being committed. We’re also grateful to Netflix for recognising the importance of these stories and the validation that comes from having a second season commissioned further establishes FirstLook TV as a leading true crime documentary producer. We’re confident the second series will prove just as popular and act as a social tool for audiences to understand how to identify and prevent dangerous relationships.”

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