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Sky rolls out Entertainment OS 1.1

February 2, 2023

By Nik Roseveare

Sky is rolling out new features to Entertainment OS, the Sky Glass and Sky Stream operating system.

Entertainment OS 1.1 will bring Personalised Playlists, a new ’Play’ voice command to help viewers play what they want to watch even quicker, more ways to find content from favourite actors and directors, as well as enhanced Bluetooth features. The updates will be available to all customers by February 4th.

A full run down of the new features:

Personalised Playlists:

With Playlist, viewers can create a list of everything they want to watch from the TV guide, on demand and apps, to enjoy whenever they’re ready, simply by pressing the ‘+’ button on the remote.

And with Personalised Playlist, users can create up to five unique playlists – so perhaps one for each member of the household, as well as a playlist for everyone to add things to enjoy together. Families can keep all the episodes of Paw Patrol to the kids’ lists, leaving grown-ups free to fill with the likes of The Last of Us, Gangs of London or Below Deck.

Jump back in, faster:

Sky’s new ‘Play’ voice command allows users to say, for example, “Play The Simpsons”, and pick up exactly where they left off in Springfield, so they don’t have to go via a Show Page or search results.

‘Play’ works in lots of ways to get viewers to content quicker:

  • Simply highlight a show or movie with the remote and say ‘Play’ to watch it right away when in the Continue Watching rail, Now and Next rail or in the TV Guide or Show Page.
  • Haven’t started the show or movie yet? Sky will play from the start of the movie, beginning of the series, or the latest episode of a soap.
  • For franchises and collections like Harry Potter, or shows with generic titles, users will be taken to the search results page to pick which one they want to watch.
  • If viewers are part way through something, saying “Play The Last of Us” will continue the episode or movie from where they were up to.

Starring a new Cast & Crew rail

With the new Cast and Crew rail on Show Pages, users can watch an actor or director’s back catalogue. Simply select someone from the rail, and see everything they’ve been a part of that is available on the platform.

Bluetooth gets better

On Sky Glass, users can now listen via their Bluetooth headphones at the same time as Sky Glass’ speakers are playing. It means customers who are hard of hearing can listen with their headphones, while watching with the rest of their household.

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