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TMS powers Jinni entertainment discovery

December 5, 2013

Entertainment navigation specialist TMS and semantic discovery engine for video Jinni have agreed a deal that will see Jinni use TMS’s OnEntertainment metadata to provide availability information for linear TV and OTT content on its new ‘My TV & Movie Guide’ iPad app and web service.

As a result, once consumers find something they wish to watch using Jinni’s taste and mood based recommendation engine, they can easily find when and where to watch it. Jinni’s recommendations are seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience and deliver the most personalised and relevant TV and movie options to end users.

Powered by its proprietary Entertainment Genome Jinni’s service considers thousands of content attributes including mood, style, plot and setting to surface the exact TV shows or movies that individuals will enjoy most at any given time. By delivering the most personalised search results, Jinni puts the user in the centre of the entertainment experience and sets a new standard for how consumers decide what to watch.

Use of industry standard On Entertainment data from TMS enables the advanced search and discovery functionality offered by the Jinni service to directly connect with viewing information for all linear TV and OTT content sources. TMS Unique IDs synchronise entertainment assets across multiple datasets which facilitates discoverability across linear TV, VOD and OTT content.

“TMS is pleased to provide the enhanced entertainment data that helps Jinni facilitate consumers’ viewing of TV shows and movies recommended by its taste and mood based discovery engine,” said Rich Cusick, General Manager of TMS. “Jinni users are sure to get hooked on the advanced search and discovery experience.”

“Jinni’s goal is to set users free from the frustration of searching for something to watch. Our recommendations take them directly to the content they are most likely to enjoy,” said Yosi Glick, Co-founder and CEO of Jinni. “TMS metadata allow us to present users the very best recommendations from amongst all content available to them, and to directly connect to all viewing options for instant gratification.”

TMS metadata powers the leading television and movie guide products which reach millions of consumers in 40 countries through clients including Microsoft, Yahoo!, TiVo, Comcast, Verizon FiOS TV, IMDb, Virgin Media UK, Com Hem, DIRECTV Latin America, SKY Brasil and Cablevision Mexico.

Jinni powers semantic video discovery for Xfinity, Xbox, VUDU and other tier-one TV and OTT providers worldwide.

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