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Virgin Orbit wins contract from SatRev

February 6, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Virgin Orbit has won an extra launch contract from nano-satellite satellite builder SatRev. Virgin has already successfully orbited four craft for SatRev from Virgin’s base in the Mojave Desert.

The new launch agreement covers a number of satellites and provides Poland-based SatRev with the flexibility to launch 500 kg. over multiple launches to a variety of different orbital planes from the Mojave Air and Space Port in California, USA, and/or from other international launch sites as they come online with mission requirements. The current plan is to launch this year.

The manifest includes STORK – a CubeSat for EO and technology testing and built and operated by SatRev from Poland. The STORK 3U CubeSats features SatRev’s Vision-300 imager with a ground resolution of up to 5 metres. SatRev will soon start deploying ScopeSat, with its revolutionary DeploScope technology that will enable SatRev to collect high resolution data from 6U CubeSats. The STORK and ScopeSat satellites will form the Real-time Earth Observation Constellation that will provide multispectral mid- and hi-resolution data with a revisit time of 30 minutes.

SatRev CEO, Grzegorz Zwoliński, said, “This marks a major milestone for SatRev as we officially announce our Launch Service Agreement with Virgin Orbit. This 3-year partnership further solidifies our commitment to providing reliable and cost-effective access to space for our customers. With Virgin Orbit’s proven track record in the industry, we are confident that this collaboration will drive innovation and bring new opportunities for growth. We are excited to work together and bring our shared vision for the future of satellite launch to life.”

“After several years of research and development by multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers, we are ready to enter the market. Our existing relationships with municipalities in Poland, together with the development of an ambitious project for KOWR, give us the speed, momentum and ability to deliver comprehensive solutions,” said Zwolinski.

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