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CNN switches Astra transponders

February 27, 2023

By Chris Forrester

CNN is changing transponders on Astra’s long-established 19.2 degrees East orbital slot.

CNN International will end up with two options for viewers and which will depend on their satellite receivers. CNN has moved from transponder 28 (Frequency 11626 Vertical) to a new transmission frequency at 11778 Vertical and which will be in DVB-S2 mode. The second option is on 11739 Vertical which will suit older DVB-S receivers. Both sets of transmissions remain in standard definition.

Astra has been broadcasting the new sites for CNN since last October, but recently added an on-screen ticker message on the old CNN frequency to alert viewers of the impending change.

CNN first launch in Europe on September 1987, some 37 years ago.

SES Astra’s 19.2 degrees East services are for mainland Europe. Viewers in the UK cannot see CNN unless they have a subscription to Sky. Subscribers to Sky can receive CNN’s HD service.

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