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DStv counterfeit remotes destroyed

March 1, 2023

By Chris Forrester

South Africa’s pay-TV operator MultiChoice Group, working with local police and customs, says it has destroyed 5,000 counterfeit DStv remote controls and promised it would maintain a “firm stand” against illegally imported fake goods.

In a statement on February 28th, MultiChoice said it takes all attempts at piracy “very seriously” and will continue “protecting its brand and trademarks from being exploited by pirates”.

“We have been working closely with [law firm] Adams & Adams to address this issue and we are also grateful for the support of the SAPS [police] and customs authorities,’’ said MultiChoice head of corporate affairs Tumi Masekela.

‘’We believe that it is crucial to raise public awareness about the importance of combating counterfeit goods’ illegal importation into South Africa. Our efforts in this regard are part of a broader campaign aimed at protecting consumers and businesses from the dangers of counterfeiting. We urge other businesses to take similar measures to protect their intellectual property rights and ensure that counterfeit goods are not sold in South Africa. We would also like to encourage the public to be vigilant when purchasing goods and report any suspected counterfeit products to the authorities,” added Masekela.

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