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Porsche, ScreenHits TV streaming deal

March 31, 2023

By Colin Mann

Automotive manufacturer Porsche has partnered with media tech company ScreenHits TV to provide an in-car portal for Porsche customers worldwide to access their favourite TV streaming platforms, as well as premium video content and leading news channels for a number of their vehicles, starting with the Cayenne model year ‘24, which will be on roads in 2023.

Marking the first global deal to put TV streaming into cars in 56 territories, Porsche has chosen to utilise ScreenHits TV’s technology for its first-ever in-car streaming entertainment offering, providing its customers with direct access to premium streamers, fast channels and video content via the ScreenHits TV interface.

ScreenHits TV helps users find the right films and TV content from the leading streamers they subscribe to and better manage their growing subscriptions. The app is currently available in 59 markets and in 30 languages with more than 1,000 premium streaming catalogues and fast channels in market on Android Smart TVs, TCL, Metz, Android and iOS mobile and tablet apps.

Further announcements with major automotive brands are forthcoming, with ScreenHits TV claiming it is positioned to become the leader in the second most important screen outside of the home.

ScreenHits TV (SHTV) allows users quickly to access content across all their streaming platforms. They can also personalise their TV viewing experience by creating a selected TV viewing guide across all of their existing streaming platforms and leading content providers.

The SHTV app will also enable vehicle owners safely to access seamless streaming and live TV on four premium Porsche brands across the majority of the Porsche Connect territories globally.

“Consumers subscribe to amazing content and want to be able to access that content no matter where they are and I am so honoured that ScreenHits TV can provide that access to consumers, whether in their home, on the go or in their car and it is such a privilege to be able to provide drivers with an alternative to handheld devices in their car to view content in between charging and waiting times or during long journeys for the passenger,” said Rose Hulse, Founder and CEO of ScreenHits TV.

“It has been such an honour to work with Porsche on bringing video streaming to vehicles and I congratulate large companies, like Porsche, in supporting female innovation in the automotive industry. I will forever be grateful to Porsche and the VW group for the opportunity to provide our premium product to their customer base.”

ScreenHits TV will be available in 59 markets and in 30 languages with over 1,000 premium streaming catalogues and fast channels available across all the Porsche Connect territories.

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