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Synamedia brings streaming and distribution technologies to NAB 2023

April 6, 2023

Video software provider Synamedia has announced its NAB Show line-up of innovative technologies that enable the distribution and delivery of streaming content across the spectrum of sports, from local clubs to global events.

A centrepiece of the company’s booth will be Synamedia’s in-stadium experience, in conjunction with partner NativeWaves, demonstrating how fans in their seats can replay the action, watch from different camera angles in real-time and view stats on their 5G mobile devices. The application features Synamedia Vivid compression, Vivid OTT with ultra-low latency and fast channel zapping, and secure delivery using Fluid EdgeCDN to enhance the excitement of being at the game with an augmented sports experience.

Synamedia’s flexible Video Network portfolio is designed to meet the needs of all types of video service providers from niche streamers through to tier-1 operators. At the show, Synamedia is unveiling new branding for its Video Network offerings with Synamedia Quortex for its self-service, multi-tenant SaaS solutions; Synamedia Vivid for customisable, multi-cloud, single tenant solutions; and Synamedia Solid for virtualised software and video processing appliances.  

For OTT and pay-TV providers that need to scale services to millions of viewers, Synamedia is highlighting the many ways it can overcome this challenge. Highly-efficient video delivery with Vivid OTT and Fluid EdgeCDN supports ultra-low latency applications for sports viewing experiences such as watch parties and betting. Complementing this, Quortex Play (formerly Quortex IO) provides just-in-time live video streaming through a self-service SaaS solution that enables service creation in a few clicks and automatically scales cloud resources up or down from a few viewers to millions. beIN and Cellcom used Quortex Play to meet increased viewing needs during the World Cup 2022.

For broadcasters facing the challenges of affiliate distribution to support the increasing number of live events, Synamedia is showcasing its Vivid PowerVu and Quortex Link cloud-based solutions. It will highlight how customers moving to IP-based distribution with Vivid PowerVu benefit from lower costs, improved reliability and new monetisation opportunities with ad insertion, alongside broadcast-equivalent latency. SportsMax, the Caribbean’s premier sports broadcaster, deployed Vivid PowerVu to move its distribution to the cloud in just days. At the show, Synamedia is unveiling Quortex Link for one-click video distribution to dramatically reduce the time and investment needed to establish a video distribution link. What previously took months and significant Capex can now be achieved in seconds with a low-risk, pay-as-you-use model.

“The goal posts have moved with live sports streaming and the smart money is on new, immersive fan experiences,” said Julien Signes, General Manager of Video Network, Synamedia. “It’s no longer enough for streamers to match broadcast latency and expect to keep viewers satisfied – they depend on robust, scalable technologies more than ever before. At NAB 2023, we are demonstrating, through real-life experiences, exactly how our portfolio will create new experiences that will be big wins with viewers and new revenue streams for service providers.”

Synamedia’s work with additional best-of-breed partners will be on display at NAB 2023:

  • In the Synamedia booth, advertising experts from Google and Synamedia will jointly explain how the integration of Google Ad Manager and Synamedia’s Vivid OTT and Fluid EdgeCDN solutions will enable efficient ad insertion using advanced ad management techniques for personalisation on a mass scale for sports and live events.
  • In the AWS booth (W1701), Synamedia will showcase its Vivid OTT solution for low latency sports streaming, which was recently deployed by Synamedia and AWS at Cellcom, reducing latency from up to 30 seconds to under three seconds from ingest to playout.  At NAB, visitors will experience the benefits of Vivid OTT and MPEG DASH low latency delivery on a multi-camera feed with nearly imperceptible delay. Other Synamedia solutions on display in the AWS booth will be Vivid PowerVu and Quortex Play.
  • In the Synamedia booth, Synamedia compression specialists and Hewlett Packard Enterprise server professionals will jointly present the road to ultra-high density and power efficiency, detailing the massive gains in video processing performance by using the latest servers, CPU, and encoding algorithms.
  • Synamedia and AMD deliver the best possible live experience at scale to any screen by processing and encoding more pixels in real time than ever before, and doing so with a reduced carbon footprint. In AMD’s booth (N2158) the companies will show how they have raised the bar for video compression by scaling performance more than just linearly, while simultaneously reducing the power required to process and encode a single channel.
  • In partnership with DASH Industry Forum and Eyevinn Technology in the NAB Futures Park pavilion, on Tuesday April 18th from 1:30 to 6pm, Synamedia will demonstrate a proof-of-concept of what the future will hold with DASH-IF, which combines the strength of DASH and WebRTC in Synamedia’s Fluid EdgeCDN application-tailored latency solution.
  • A live demo in Triveni Digital’s booth (W3251) of a bundled solution for low-power TV broadcasters will feature Synamedia’s ATSC 3.0 encoder and Triveni’s Digital GuideBuilder XM ATSC 3.0 transport encoder and broadcast gateway scheduler.
  • The Thomson Broadcast booth (W2933) will include a demonstration of how Synamedia and Thomson are partnering to help content providers increase the reach and efficiency of e-learning applications over ATSC 3.0 using Synamedia’s virtual Digital Content Manager (vDCM). 

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