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Vodafone Business plays key role in Hydro X Prix Legacy Programme

April 27, 2023

Ahead of Extreme E’s Scottish race debut in Glenmuckloch in Dumfries and Galloway (13-14 May), the pioneering series, alongside its Official Technology and Communications Partner, Vodafone Business, has today confirmed the installation of sophisticated sensor systems to protect the waters of the River Nith – all as part of Extreme E’s ambitious Hydro X Prix Legacy Programme.

For centuries, the River Nith has been home to one of Scotland’s most iconic species, the Atlantic salmon. However, the number of adult salmon returning to Scottish rivers has declined steeply in recent decades due to a drop in water quality, as well as a rise in its temperature and riverbank erosion.Atlantic salmon play a vital role in the functioning of aquatic ecosystems and are an indicator species. The health of salmon populations closely reflects the status of the larger marine ecosystem. Rising water temperatures cause issues for salmon biology, and altering water levels are equally catastrophic for this vulnerable species.

As part of this extensive environmental project, Extreme E and Vodafone Business will install multiple ‘Hydrosenses’ around the River Nith.  These small, sophisticated, and yet unobtrusive, devices will monitor temperatures, acidity levels and pollution levels in the water, which in turn benefits the wider Legacy Programme.The Vodafone Hydrosense system will provide real-time data on the River Nith’s water quality, which will enable researchers to take prompt action to protect the salmon and other species in the river. As well as monitoring the river, the Hydrosense system will also be used to measure the effectiveness of conservation measures, such as habitat restoration and fish stocking. In addition, the sensors work for up to five years and consume very minimal power.

Previously, these kinds of water evaluations involved samples being collected manually and then transported to a laboratory for testing. Not only was this time-consuming, but samples were only carried out a few times a year meaning that it could be too late to take preventative action.

Amanda Jobbins, CMO and Director of Go-to-Market and Partnerships at Vodafone Business, said: “After the success of our installation of early detection forest fire sensors in Sardinia last year, we were keen to see how innovative technology can be applied to the Scottish Legacy Programme. The River Nith catchment area is one of the most populated and industrialised in the region. We are excited to deliver real-time water quality monitoring using our IOT sensors to support the important conservation work here.”Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E, said: “Extreme E is delighted to be working with Vodafone Business to implement its Hydrosense technology at the River Nith. As part of our Hydro X Prix Legacy Programme, this is a fantastic opportunity to not only monitor the health of the river, but also to help protect the Atlantic salmon that call it home. We are proud to be delivering a project that will help to safeguard the future of the river and its inhabitants for generations to come.”This latest initiative is just one example of Vodafone Business’ commitment to supporting sustainability and environmental protection alongside Extreme E.

Vodafone’s leading innovations and capabilities, such as 5G, MPN, IOT and MEC are integrated into Extreme E’s race locations as well as on board the series floating centrepiece the St. Helena. As well, in July 2022 Vodafone Business launched a new IoT ultra-early forest fire detection system in a region of Sardinia hardest hit during the wildfires of summer 2021.Together with Extreme E, it facilitated a project to restore the historic olive groves lost to the devastating fires. In addition, special sensors were installed in hundreds of trees which are capable of sending real-time alerts to authorities should any smouldering begin.Russell added: “Vodafone is a global leader of communications, innovation and technology and crucially embeds an impressive level of sustainability and inclusivity practices into its core strategies. As an organisation, they are a joy to work with. The projects we have undertaken together since our partnership began are fantastic proof of just how sport and technology can work together for the absolute greater good.”


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