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MPs to probe AI in the creative industries

May 5, 2023

By Colin Mann

The Science, Innovation and Technology Committee of the UK House of Commons is to hold an evidence session on ‘Artificial intelligence and the arts: How is AI impacting the creative industries?’ as part of its governance of artificial intelligence (AI) inquiry, looking at the impact of AI in the creative industries, and the implications for intellectual property (IP) and copyright law.

An initial panel will seek perspectives from the creative industries. MPs are likely to explore how artists have been impacted by the growth in AI tools that can generate content including audio, video and imagery. Witnesses are also likely to be asked their views on how the Government should respond to the growing prevalence of AI. A second panel will then be held with experts exploring the current legal position in relation to generative AI.

Both panels are likely to explore possible changes to IP law, including proposals from the Intellectual Property Office to allow the mining of text and data by AI systems beyond the current permitted purpose of non-commercial research. In February the Government announced that the new exemption would not be taken forward, citing the potential impact on the creative industries.

The sessions are scheduled for Wednesday May 10th.

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