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New data service from Official Charts Company

May 24, 2023

By Colin Mann

The Official Charts Company, a joint venture between a range of UK entertainment industry bodies responsible for the commissioning, marketing, distribution and management of industry standard video and music charts and industry sales data, is launching a new weekly digital video data service, as part of a programme of service enhancements to run through 2023.

Official Charts has a database offering granular data running back to spring 1994 and has offered weekly movie EST data since 2016, with monthly VoD data added in October 2020, but subject to a six-to-eight week delay (owing to data delivery timings). From mid-May 2023, this is moving to a weekly report cycle for film EST and VoD, volume and value.

This upgrade to its home entertainment digital data service is designed to position Official Charts’ digital video data as the best in the world. It will be the only such service in the world spanning all distributors’ repertoire and the only service based on data collected directly from retailers, it claims.

In a parallel move, the data service will also encompass data on premium VoD and EST (PVoD and PEST) from more than 10 key distributors.

The new service will be provided to subscribing clients in the form of a weekly report for the next six months, before it makes its debut on the brand new Official Charts Online portal which is currently being built for launch in November 2023.

The new platform will offer weekly VoD data backdated to January 2020, as well as offering a range of other enhancements. Aside from providing a new, fresh look, and faster data delivery speeds, the platform will feature theatrical box office and SVoD availability by title for the first time, offering users an unparalleled tool for analysing windows across the market.

Official Charts Company commercial director Becca Monahan thanked all retail and studio partners, plus industry associations BASE (British Association for Screen Entertainment) and ERA for their support in making the new, improved VoD data service possible.

“The ability to provide weekly VoD volume and value data direct from retailers is the culmination of a huge amount of work and collaboration across the industry,” she added. “We’re proud to be able to provide world class data to the UK home entertainment industry and we are continuing to innovate our offering as the industry evolves. I would like to thank all the partners we work with, who have supported us to get to this point and I’m excited for the future of Official Charts data in this sector – in the UK and beyond.”

“We are extremely proud to be able to offer these enhancements,” declared Chris Austin, Official Charts Company operations director. “The UK is the first territory to provide volume and value data, including premium titles, based on retailer information – and these represent, not just a step forward but a dramatic evolution in digital video data analytics for the market.”

The new enhanced Official Charts digital data report is available to subscribers – studios, distributors and other legitimate businesses operating in the home entertainment sector.

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