Advanced Television on Xbox powered by Redge Media

May 24, 2023, the largest and the most popular VOD service in Poland, part of the TVN Warner Bros Discovery, has been made available to Xbox users. The service operates on the Redge Media platform. is the leading OTT platform in Poland. It provides access to unique content: Player Original series, tv shows, movies, entertainment programmes, documentaries, exclusive cultural events, news, sports or live channels. Now the most popular VOD service in Poland can also be accessed via the application available in Xbox Microsoft Store on the main Xbox models: Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Redge Media is the complete video streaming platform offered in white label model dedicated for content distributors to extend their audience. Comprehensive ecosystem consists of Redge Media Service Delivery Platform and Video Delivery Platform. It covers a wide range of end devices including game consoles. Thanks to the architecture based on edge computing, Redge Media platform provides ultimate scalability and is prepared to implement complex business scenarios. These features enable to take on the most technically demanding challenges.

“In the era of ubiquitous screens younger generations focus on media consumption over the Internet. By adjusting to the virtualisation paradigm, Redge Media made it possible to access via the Xbox application. The console application is consistent with other applications, allowing to enjoy valuable content in 4K quality, and fully secured thanks to Redge Media DRM,” commented Mateusz Zawiślak, Online Applications Department Director at Redge Technologies.

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