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Globalstar: Two-way sat-comms this year

August 7, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Satellite operator Globalstar is already working with Apple on smartphone connectivity for emergency use. Globalstar says its full ‘Spot’ two-way global communications service will start beta-testing later this year.

Globalstar is using MDA Corp of Canada to build 17 extra satellites to girdle the planet in readiness for what the industry expects to be a natural development and see increased demand.

The 17 satellites are expected to be ready for launch in 2025. Globalstar says that chip-set manufacturer Qualcomm is integrating Globalstar’s ‘Band 53’ spectrum into its chipsets.

Apple has contributed around 95 per cent of the costs of the new satellites and in return will have access to 85 per cent of the fleet’s capacity.

Globalstar also released its financial results and in guidance for the full 2023 year raised its revenue expectations from the previously announced 185 million to $200 million. Revenue for the first quarter (to June 30th) of its financial year was $55.1 million (up 50 per cent on 2022).

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