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Edgio leads streaming alliance

September 11, 2023

Edgio, together with streaming technology providers, Accedo, Bitmovin, Grabyo, and Vimond, have announced a strategic partnership to address a growing need faced by media and entertainment when it comes to delivering OTT video – the ability to quickly assemble and manage a streaming ecosystem that delivers high-quality linear, live or on-demand video while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. Edgio is leading the alliance as a Managed Service Provider, working with companies to seamlessly integrate technologies across the entire streaming tech stack – from content production, personalisation and distribution to user experience and monetisation. This not only simplifies the intricate processes associated with delivering and managing streaming workflows, it also helps provide a frictionless entry into the market. As Managed Service Provider, Edgio will provide a single point of contact for all support needs, regardless of vendor.

“For media companies, piecing together an ecosystem like this on their own would be costly, time-consuming, and risky,” said Eric Black, CTO and GM of Media for Edgio.  “By bringing together companies at the forefront of streaming and managing the entire process under one service partner, media companies can focus on creating innovative content versus navigating the complexities of a streaming workflow.”

The pre-integrated workflow provides a winning solution for OTT platforms, broadcasters, sports leagues and content owners: it delivers on their desire to increase profitability, while supporting the very best in viewer experience, no matter what type of content a viewer is watching or on what device — all while reducing internal costs and operational complexity. The increased flexibility empowers customers to experiment with distribution and price point models, such as AVoD, SVoD and FAST, to find the most profitable individualised offering for their specific audiences.

At launch, the partner ecosystem includes:

  • Accedo: App Development

Media companies can ensure a consistent, high-quality representation of their brand across all streaming touchpoints with Video Application management, which includes custom templates and bespoke development for state-of-the-art UX that attracts and retains users. Accedo is pre-integrated with Vimond and Bitmovin to provide a seamless end-to-end solution.

  • Bitmovin: Video Player + Analytics

The Bitmovin Player empowers media organizations to guarantee flawless playback and viewing experiences across an extensive range of devices at speed and scale. Bitmovin Analytics ensures stream reliability by user session data and pinpointing any playback issues in real-time so they can be resolved before they impact the viewer. Bitmovin’s Analytics delivers real-time operational monitoring to optimise video and ad workflows based on viewer experiences across all platforms. Bitmovin Analytics also offers benchmarks across different performance metrics to gain industry insights.

  • Edgio: Uplynk Platform, CDN Delivery, and Managed Service Provider

Uplynk empowers media companies to deliver the highest-quality streaming experiences to global audiences, while reducing time-to-market and driving operational scale. Its best-in-class components deliver exceptional viewing quality and reliability while maximising monetisation through advanced advertising. Uplynk, coupled with Edgio’s expert services, provides an exceptionally quick time-to-market and improves ROI. The Uplynk platform will be the foundation through which the OTT ecosystem is built upon using a mix of open standard video protocols and flexible APIs.

  • Grabyo: Clipping & Live Production

Grabyo is a modern, cloud-native SaaS solution for live production, video clipping, real-time editing and distribution. The platform can scale from single operator digital streams to multi-camera productions with a larger remote team, combined with integrated live clipping, editing and publishing tools. With the recent introduction of SCTE-35 marker insertion, Grabyo’s cloud production users can now create ad breaks to monetise their live video across linear broadcast, FAST and OTT platforms. The platform supports live feeds from on-site cameras, audio sources, remote guests or mobile field kits, with ingest streams up to 50Mbps, 1080p/60FPS using leading video protocols including SRT, Zixi, RIST, RTMPs, HLS and RTP. Grabyo provides unlimited capacity for live video clipping and will sit in front of Uplynk, so customers can ingest video with Grabyo then publish to Uplynk where it’s distributed to end viewers.

  • Vimond: Content Management System (CMS)

Vimond’s CMS enables customers to provide contextual metadata to describe and curate content presented to users in apps and websites. With support across the workflow, from media ingest, asset management, metadata enrichment, to distribution, Vimond VIA provides customers with a flexible and user-friendly CMS to handle videos, freeing valuable resources to focus on winning new viewers and content strategy. Vimond’s VIA product will use Uplynk as its backend video management system by integrating with Uplynk APIs.

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