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Vorboss offers discounted 10Gbps fibre in London

September 12, 2023

Vorboss is providing London’s start-ups, schools, NGOs and SMEs access to its fibre network at a reduced rate of £350 per month.

Vorboss is now offering London’s early-stage start-ups, educational institutions, and non-profits the opportunity to connect to its 10Gbps enterprise fibre network while saving £300 on the £650 a month standard pricing.

With 10G Growth pricing, Vorboss secures each business with a dedicated 10Gbps fibre connection – that means no shared bandwidth or sacrificing speed. Vorboss says it is the only provider to offer 10Gbps as a minimum. The network can cope with a range of demands – from users who only need high-capacity internet during peak times, to the most consistently data-hungry businesses.

To qualify for the discount, a business should have fewer than 20 employees and a maximum turnover of £10 million a year, or be a non-profit or school.

Tim Creswick, CEO at Vorboss, said: “I know from experience that start-ups and SMEs face plenty of challenges, especially in tough economic times. Connectivity shouldn’t be one of them. Providing a high-quality internet connection to businesses, as well as schools and NGOs, helps create a more balanced knowledge economy. It enables them to focus on productivity and growth rather than on bandwidth limitations. These are the educational systems and commercial markets of the future. By empowering them to scale and grow, with connectivity at an unrivalled price, we are investing in everyone’s future.”

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