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Bavarian Basketball Association partners with Pixellot

October 19, 2023

Pixellot, a provider of AI-automated sports video and data solutions, and the Bavarian Basketball Association (BBV) have announced a partnership whereby Pixellot has been selected as the official AI camera solution for the BBV and will be used across all youth selection teams. 

The BBV is the governing body for basketball in the German federal state of Bavaria (Bayern), one of the most populous regions in Europe with over 13 million residents. The Bavarian Basketball Association is the second largest regional association in Germany. With 40,000 members in 450 clubs and 1,400 teams from youth to seniors, the Bavarian association is home to Euroleague clubs and several players who recently lifted the FIBA World Championship trophies.  

Under the terms of the agreement, Pixellot will provide the BBV with their AI- automated cameras that can be used to capture and stream games of all levels of play in Bavaria, from the youth selection teams competing across Germany. The new partnership will enable greater coverage for the games and tournaments.

“As the governing body for basketball in the Bavaria region of Germany, we have a strong commitment to developing basketball talent by promoting the sport and fostering a thriving basketball community,” said Bastian Wernthaler, President of BBV. “With access to Pixellot’s end-to-end solution, our vision of creating a video channel that will bring new sports recruits, grow our fan base, and drive new sponsorship opportunities is assured.”

The BBV will also use Pixellot’s AI-powered video analytics capabilities to identify and highlight key moments in games, such as baskets, assists, and steals. This video footage can be used by coaches and players to improve their performance, as well as by fans to follow their favorite teams more closely.

“The Pixellot system is a game-changer for the regional coaches at the Bavarian Basketball Association.” Said Razvan Munteanu Head Coach of the Bavarian Selection Team “The automated filming delivers top-notch quality and has been incredibly helpful. In addition, we have an online database where we store all the videos. Each team, whether it’s the men’s team, women’s team, or coaches, has its own separate database for easy access to videos. This system is especially useful for our elite training programmes; no matter the size of the gym, we can record and then review our training sessions.”

“We are excited to partner with the BBV and see how our technology is making a significant impact on democratizing basketball coverage in one of Germany’s biggest regions.” said Alon Werber, CEO of Pixellot. “Our automated solutions were designed to enable all sports and all athletes to have the same opportunities for exposure and development.”  

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