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BBC Studios content deal with WeAre8

October 31, 2023

BBC Studios has partnered with WeAre8, the B-Corp social media app, on a distribution deal for BBC Earth content; the first of its kind between the platform and a broadcaster.

Launching in January 2024, the three-year commitment will see BBC Studios Social release over 100 clips per year on the WeAre8 social app in the UK, US and Australia – of which at least one third will be newly packaged BBC Earth content. This will be taken from both its linear TV programming from the BBC Natural History Unit including landmark series Planet Earth, Seven Worlds One Planet and Frozen Planet, as well as its digital-first original series and impact campaigns such as Coexistence, Planet Fix and Our Frozen Planet.

Jasmine Dawson, SVP, Digital from BBC Studios, commented: “We’re excited to be joining forces with WeAre8 on this unique publishing deal for BBC Earth content. Our two brands are aligned in our values and offer wide-ranging views of the world often through the lens of climate change, conservation and sustainability. We hope the content we provide will educate as well as entertain the community as well as encourage new partners into our digital business”.

Billed as a sustainable social media app, WeAre8 has set about reimagining the role social media can play in the community, in a way that is transformational for people, charity and the planet.  WeAre8 is built around two content feeds, the 8Stage and a private friends feed. The 8Stage is an open feed of content from verified creators and publishers from around the world that is free-from-hate, ads and algorithms and is dedicated to positive uplifting content. WeAre8’s transformational ad model shares 60 per cent of every advertising dollar with people, charities and the planet.

People using the WeAre8 app can choose to watch opt-in brand videos and receive payments into their 8Wallet on the app.  When they watch brand videos, a share of the advertising money is given to them in appreciation for their time. These micropayments can be transferred out of WeAre8 via PayPal or citizens can pay it forward to charity directly in the app.

Sue Fennessy, Founder & Global CEO of WeAre8, commented: “When it comes to aligning with the values of WeAre8 and our commitment to protecting the natural world, I couldn’t envision a better content provider than the BBC Studios team. This partnership not only brings an exceptional library of content for our community to be inspired by, but also marks a groundbreaking commercial collaboration that will set a new benchmark for the way broadcasters and social technology deliver impactful solutions for brands in a way that is better for people, the community and the planet. When people are reconnected with our beautiful planet in a way that enables them to immediately make tangible positive impact through micro-donations, we fundamentally shift the power of media. We move from a world of passive social entertainment to a new level of immersive entertainment with actionable impact that leaves people feeling valued and connected. This is how we unite to solve the world’s biggest problems.”

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