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WaterBear content on Da Vinci

November 1, 2023

WaterBear Network, the eco-streamer. has announced a partnership with Da Vinci, the home of inspiring and educational TV for families and children. Effective immediately, WaterBear Original content will take the spotlight on Da Vinci’s FAST Channel, reaching audiences in the US, UK and Ireland.

This 12-month collaboration revolves around the theme of ‘Positive Solutions for our Changing World’, delving into narratives of sustainability, community action, conservation, and wildlife preservation. The programme lineup features WaterBear’s original documentaries and films, including Extract Destroy Repeat, an animation that delves into the depths of deep-sea mining, The Whale Who Saved Me, a story recounting whale biologist Nan Hauser’s extraordinary encounter, and Wildlife Warriors, an exploration of the lives of female conservationists.

The launch on this flagship channel, home to the popular Becoming Xtraordinary series with Bear Grylls, further cements WaterBear Network’s commitment to offering unlimited access to purpose-driven content to a growing ecosystem of consumers.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Da Vinci in the US and the UK. The Da Vinci FAST channel shares our passion for captivating films and series. This collaboration allows us to not only ignite a movement but also fulfill a crucial educational aspect about sustainability and positive solutions. WaterBear Network wants to work with partners who can inform, educate, and inspire. The target demographic of Da Vinci aligns perfectly with our mission, making this partnership a natural fit. Together, we’re empowering families through our content and encouraging children to become the heroes of their own stories,” said Oliver Taprogge, VP of Distribution at WaterBear Network.

“Inspiring stories about caring for our planet and taking daily steps towards sustainability not only ignite the imagination but also cultivate the seeds of responsibility, ensuring that the next generation become the Earth’s dedicated guardians. We’re delighted to welcome WaterBear to the Da Vinci network,” added Estelle Lloyd, Co-founder and COO of Macademia, the parent company of Da Vinci.

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