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Report: Multiscreen TV delivers consumer trust

November 2, 2023

The world is in an age of misinformation, particularly in online media. Why should brands care? Might brands be inadvertently responsible? How can brands mitigate their risk? The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) examined those questions in its report, The Credibility Crisis: How people find trusted news amidst a wave of misinformation.

“Due to a lack of transparency from digital ad-tech about ad placements, many brands are inadvertently supporting sites that can put them in financial, reputational and legal risk,” said Jason Wiese, SVP, Director of Strategic Insights, VAB. “In the midst of elections, domestic crises and international conflicts, there is unprecedented importance and urgency for accurate and reliable news coverage – and multiscreen TV is the place people are turning to for that much-needed credibility and trustworthiness.”

Among the report’s insights:

  • Eight of ten consumers are troubled by the proliferation of unreliable or false information across digital ad-tech platforms. (Source: Integral Ad Science)
  • 71 per cent of consumers expect CEOs to pull their organisation’s advertising money out of media platforms and news outlets that do not adequately control the spread of misinformation. (Source: Edelman)
  • An estimated $2.6 billion is spent annually on digital ad-tech platforms that openly publish news-related misinformation. (NewsGuard and Comscore)
  • For every $2.16 spent on news websites in the US, $1 is spent on misinformation. (NewsGuard and Comscore)
  • Multiscreen TV is the top trusted source for news updates and serves as most adults’ ‘go-to’ for the latest information (Source: VAB analysis of MRI-Simmons Q2 2023 Trending Topics Study and MRI-Simmons 2023 Spring USA Study, A18+)
  • US adults are more likely to find ads on TV trustworthy versus ads on digital platforms. (Source: YouGov)

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