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Avanti repositions business

November 10, 2023

Avanti Communications has announced a strategic repositioning from an operator of satellites in geostationary orbit to a global multi-orbit provider of fully integrated connectivity services and solutions.

As a result of greater convergence between terrestrial and non-terrestrial connectivity, the satellite industry has grown rapidly over the past few years. While this has given customers more choice and flexibility, it has also driven complexity. Avanti says the new strategy will help it better respond to the diverse needs of its customer base, while continuing to deliver high-performance solutions on a global scale.

Avanti’s customer-centric approach is built on a ‘customer pull vs technology push’ model, boosting choice, value and the provision of tailored solutions for customers with even the most challenging of requirements. Avanti’s customers span a range of industries, including defence, aero and maritime, rural communities and schools, satellite operators, governments and enterprise.

Toby Robinson, Chief of Strategy and Business Development at Avanti, said: “The needs of our customers are evolving, and we need to be led by this. It is our job to provide the expertise and experience to create and build a custom solution, considering LEO, MEO and GEO. Unlike other providers, we start with the customer first, rather than the technology, which will continue to give us a competitive edge in this rapidly growing and fast-moving industry.”

Avanti is in talks with a low-earth orbit (LEO) operator to procure capacity and will also be investing heavily in its managed services capabilities.

Kyle Whitehill, CEO of Avanti, added: “The space industry is no longer separate to telecoms. Demand for capacity is becoming increasingly competitive and, as we see elsewhere in the telecoms industry, value will inexorably move down the chain from raw connectivity to services and solutions. Rather than investing in new satellites and building and extending our coverage and capacity, we are prioritising strategic partnerships and our service offering so that we can remain agile and responsive to industry trends and the needs of customers – all while maintaining our high performance, reliability and quality of service.”

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