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Chunghwa Telecom selects Eutelsat’s OneWeb

November 15, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Eutelsat OneWeb has won a multi-million dollar agreement with Chunghwa Telecom, the largest integrated telecommunication service provider in Taiwan. The deal covers access to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services from OneWeb.

Eutelsat says that its OneWeb’s LEO satellite network will enable Chunghwa Telecom to bolster their suite of communication services with additional space-based connectivity. The integration of Eutelsat OneWeb services to Chunghwa’s solution set will offer greater resiliency as well as complementing terrestrial fixed and mobile networks, submarine cables and microwave communication services, which they provide for government and business customers.

Alex Chien, EVP of Chunghwa Telecom, led a delegation to the London offices of Eutelsat OneWeb, to sign the agreement. He commented: “Eutelsat OneWeb is a leading provider of LEO satellite services and Chunghwa Telecom is excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Eutelsat OneWeb team to introduce LEO satellite services into the country. Taiwan is an island and relies heavily on submarine cables for external connectivity, with satellites serving as a secondary option. Therefore, satellite services are essential communication tools for the Taiwanese government and businesses. By integrating Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO satellite service with our Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellite service, Chunghwa Telecom takes the first step towards establishing a multi orbit satellite service portfolio.”

“We are thrilled by the opportunity to partner with Chunghwa Telecom and the ability it gives us to extend our mission of bringing high-speed, low-latency connectivity to people around the world,” added Stephen Beynon, co-GM of Eutelsat OneWeb. “Eutelsat OneWeb strives to enable our partner’s growth and this agreement is a testament to the success of our approach and the continued demand for our services. Chunghwa Telecom has long been a premier provider in the region and we look forward to working together to deliver robust, resilient connectivity services.”

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