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Motorvision Group partners with Dubformer

November 15, 2023

Motorvision Group, a European producer and operator of TV channels specialising in automotive content, is transforming its localisation process with the help of AI dubbing technology provided by Dubformer. By embracing AI-powered localisation, Motorvision reduced their localisation costs significantly and also improved their connection with their target audience in LatAm countries and paved the way for potential expansion into new markets.

Motorvision Group offers news coverage, documentaries, lifestyle content and live motorsports programmes. With a worldwide presence and localised in multiple languages such as English, French, German, LAS, Greek, Portuguese, and Thai, Motorvision caters to a diverse range of viewers. Previously, Motorvision relied on human translators and voice actors for subtitling and dubbing. However, the company recognised the need to optimise their localisation process in order to stay competitive and meet the growing demands of their global audience.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Dubformer,” said Raimund Koehler, CEO of Motorvision Group. “Our mission is to provide our viewers around the world with the highest quality programming in their preferred language. With the help of Dubformer’s unique AI technology and approach involving human proof-listeners, we can increase our output without compromising on the quality of our content.”

In their initial AI dubbing venture, Motorvision has already achieved a 17 per cent reduction in their total localisation costs. Motorvision has successfully dubbed four episodes for the LatAm and Spanish markets and are now preparing for further collaboration. The company’s plans include expanding AI dubbing into French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and potentially English.

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