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Mometu to premier An Electric Sleep

November 28, 2023

An Electric Sleep, a sci-fi thriller from Commune Productions, will have an exclusive run on free video-on-demand and live TV streaming service, Mometu, starting November 29th.

The free, ad-supported outlet will be the first venue for the film in the U.S. and Canada.

The upcoming feature is directed by the award-winning Theo Brown and written and produced by award-winning filmmaker Ben Taylor.

An Electric Sleep follows teen Margot (Adrien Bejar) who, infected with a life-limiting illness, tortures the two scientists that created the disease (Mikel Miller and Lys Perez) for a cure. However, she risks losing everything as surveilling mercenaries close in, tasked with keeping agency conspiracies under wraps. The film also stars Kevin Carrington, Aqueela Zoll and Christopher Wolfe.

The newly-released first trailer shows the doctor couple, desperate to start a new life, pulled back into chaos as they are hunted for an antidote to the lab-made virus.

An Electric Sleep proves that indie filmmakers can deliver cinematically ambitious stories with high production value, a space usually reserved for the majors,” said Bryan Louzil, Mometu’s Vice President of Business Development. “Viewers will be treated to a diverse and talented cast in a near-future setting, completely free and exclusive to Mometu.”

An Electric Sleep premieres only on Mometu on November 29th.

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