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Bauer Media Audio Sweden partners with Clipsource

December 4, 2023

Bauer Media Audio has chosen the media communication platform Clipsource to support its content communications in Sweden. The partnership makes it easier for Bauer to publish and share news, images, audio, video and programme information with journalists and other stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness of Bauer’s range of radio and podcast content and to help consumers find their favourite shows.Stockholm-based Clipsource is a supplier of media technology to leading entertainment companies throughout Europe. The platform is designed to help media companies streamline the distribution of media and metadata to people and platforms, internally and externally. As the competition intensifies, the need to distribute rich information about the programs increases. The more information, audio-related content, videos and images offered, the better publishers can present new programmes.Anna Chrona, Communications Director at Bauer Media, commented: “Clipsource offers the perfect platform for us to distribute news about our products and to be able to share content from our shows and podcasts”.Märta Rydbeck, Chief Commercial Officer at Clipsource, added: “We’re super excited to be the B2B communication platform for Bauer Media Sweden as they transition into becoming the House of Audio. They have a unique line-up of radio and podcast brands and we look forward to helping even more people discover their content”. Clipsource’s delivery to Bauer Media includes:

  • A Media Center for next-generation media relations, including full support for audiovisual content, image database, press release creation and distribution, media list management, etc
  • A Digital Screening Room for secure distribution of pre-premiere content.

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