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Starlink failure report

December 5, 2023

Having launched more than 5,000 satellites it is inevitable for SpaceX’s Starlink that some will fail. SpaceX has filed to the FCC its latest report on those failures over the past couple of months and gives the reasons.

Starlink reference number 3337 suffered failed software. Remedial action was taken and the software updated but ultimately failed. SpaceX was not now in contact with the craft.

Starlink 1313 is degraded and has limited ability to manoeuvre, but can be moved but only in emergencies. “Standard collision avoidance is disabled” but the satellite still has altitude control.

Starlink 3237 suffered a suspected flight computer failure. “Sensitive components have been identified and removed from future designs,” says SpaceX.

Starlink 1257 also suffered flight computer failure and suspect sensitive components identified and removed from future designs. The craft is not controllable as regards altitude.

Starlink 3745 also suffered flight computer failure.

Starlink 2715 had a suspected power failure, and design improvements made to subsequent satellites.

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