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Rivada wins contract for disaster connections

December 11, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Rivada Space Networks, despite not yet having its satellite fleet in orbit, has secured another useful contract. It comes from Tekniam, a US based company providing emergency connectivity for disaster response and recovery.

Rivada is planning a 600-craft fleet of laser-linked low Earth orbiting satellites.

Tekniam CEO, Andrew Heaton, commented: “Tekniam’s RUCS is a cutting-edge last mile solution for emergency disaster response, military and disaster recovery, and we are very excited to leverage Rivada’s next-generation satellite connectivity to take our service to a whole new level. The OuterNET is a fully interconnected orbital network wihich effectively serves as our own private network in space, capable of routing traffic at gigabit speeds from one satellite to another with no need for a gateway on earth. For our solutions, that really matters not just for speed and security but for coverage too”.

Declan Ganley, Rivada Space Networks CEO, added: “We are delighted to be supporting Tekniam’s new remote universal communication system (RUCS). Rivada Networks has previously provided award-winning emergency communication services in the US to customers including the National Guard and leading police forces”. Ganley added: “Now with a completely new type of LEO constellation, the The OuterNET allows satellites to go beyond their traditional role of ‘gap-filler’ and our fully inter-connected space network, independent of terrestrial infrastructure, is rapidly becoming the network of choice for resilient and secure communications”.

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