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Infuse Video to debut automated AI video development platform at CES 2024

January 5, 2024

Infuse Video, an AI video platform that generates impactful, personalised videos at scale, has announced plans to showcase their technology at CES 2024. The Infuse Video platform automates repetitive workflows, enables multiple variants of a video, delivers the right variant to the right viewers, and allows for quick and easy edits. Infuse Video will demonstrate the power of its platform as part of the NL Tech Pavilion in Eureka Park at the Venetian Expo, Booth 62100 from January 9th-12th.

Video is the most impactful way to communicate with audiences. Creating, updating and managing video content, however, is costly, time-consuming and painful. These issues limit businesses from effectively spreading their messages to customers, prospects, partners and employees on a frequent basis. Infuse Video understands that AI and automation can change the face of commercial video by enabling companies to quickly produce, edit and deliver audience-specific messaging in multiple languages, increasing revenue and lowering video production costs. Infuse Video APIs enable functionality to be used by software developers to integrate video seamlessly into their apps and leverage data to help deliver multiple tailored videos based on different audiences.

CAREANIMATIONS, a leader in empowering pharmacies to help their patients use their medicines the right way with a platform of easy-to-understand videos, pictograms and automated messages, uses Infuse Video to generate and distribute multilingual instructional videos for the healthcare industry.

“Leveraging the platform, allows us to create video content in multiple languages that is easy to keep up to date,” says Co-founder and COO Afke de Jong. “No longer worrying about the number of versions anymore, is a big deal. Infuse enables unique workflows to adapt our videos for specific customers and brands, creating net new revenue streams for us and our customers.

Infuse Video is attending CES in hopes of raising pre-seed capital and increasing the go-to-market and software development efforts around its new platform. Interested media, industry partners and investors are invited to schedule an appointment at CES 2024 between January 7-12 in Las Vegas to watch Infuse Video in action.

“To reach the widest audience with the most impactful message across multiple platforms, videos need to be tailored to the viewer,” said Infuse Video co-founder Ruud van der Linden. “Using Infuse Video, businesses and video professionals can automate the process of creating multiple variants of their video – including audience, product, or language-specific variants–and reduce costs while delivering a more impactful message.”

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