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Dan Abrams’ Law&Crime partners with Mar Vista Entertainment

January 8, 2024

Legal and true crime network Law&Crime announces it has newly partnered with LA-based production company, Mar Vista Entertainment, by providing critical trial access and research services for their scripted feature film development. This partnership signals a larger initiative on Law&Crime’s behalf to expand its presence as the go-to trial consultant, as well as plans to work closely with creators across genres to enhance the production value of their true crime content.Mar Vista, which was recently acquired by Fox Corporation, is well known in the world of feature films and television for producing original adaptations of high-profile trials, such as Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial (2022) and The Murdaugh Murders (2023). Law&Crime Network recently celebrated surpassing 5 million YouTube subscribers following its successful coverage of several high-profile trials, such as that of Alex Murdaugh and Johnny Depp. The channel has become the go-to spot for live trial footage, with 2.4 billion total video views and an average of 100 million + views monthly.

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