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Law&Crime partners with Annie Elise x 10

June 5, 2023

Legal and true crime network Law&Crime has announced its newest YouTube partnership with Annie Elise x 10 to Life, which is now available to view on Law&Crime’s channel. This partnership is part of a larger effort on Law&Crime’s behalf to collaborate with and amplify talented creators who deliver fresh takes on high-profile cases.

10 to Life is the production of hit YouTuber and podcaster, Annie Elise, who has been delivering compelling true crime coverage since 2020. While Annie Elise covers a wide array of cases on her YouTube channel and podcast, SERIALously, she takes a special interest in unsolved mysteries, with the goal of shedding new investigative light on those that have gone cold. With a down-to-earth and conversational tone, she breaks down investigations from their “true crime bestie,” for her 750k YouTube subscribers.

Law&Crime’s collaboration with Annie Elise comes in the wake of several other recent YouTube acquisitions, including The Disturbing Truth and COPS Reloaded. Law&Crime plans to similarly expand 10 to Life’s social presence on its well-trafficked channel.

“As the Law&Crime Network continues to deliver our YouTube audience the most captivating content, we are also focusing our attention on building an engaged community across the true crime space,” says Law&Crime’s YouTube Director, Robert Szoke. “Our partnership with Annie Elise from 10 to Life is a prime example of our efforts to collaborate with leading digital true-crime creators to bring viewers together for enhanced coverage and inclusive discussions.”

Law&Crime’s YouTube channel recently celebrated reaching the 4.7 million subscriber mark. Following its successful coverage of the high-profile trials of Alex Murdaugh and Johnny Depp, the channel has become the go-to spot for live trial footage, with 2.4 billion total video views and an average of 100 million+ views monthly.

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