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Rivada wins Wiseband expansion partnership

January 9, 2024

By Chris Forrester

Rivada Space Networks, even without any satellites yet in orbit, has established a partnership with Wiseband which provides customised private satellite networking solutions. The company currently has connectivity projects in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt.

Rivada has an initial 300 satellites on order with Terran Orbital and designed to create an ‘OuterNET’ system of laser-linked craft.

This orbital network, in which data stays in space from origin to destination, is claimed to create an ultra-secure satellite network with pole-to-pole coverage, offering end-to-end latencies lower than terrestrial fibre over similar long distances. And by routing traffic on a physically separated network, it provides a layer of defence for any organisation that needs to securely share data between widely distributed sites.

Ahmed Hassan, CEO of Wiseband, commented: “Wiseband is looking to tap onto Rivada Space Networks’ highly secure point-to-point secure communications network to provide advanced and customisable secure solutions to our existing enterprise customers and to develop the emerging markets in Middle East. The OuterNET is a fully interconnected orbital network which effectively serves as a private network in space, capable of routing traffic at gigabit speeds from one satellite to another with no need for a gateway on earth. We see this as the key infrastructure for the development of the enterprise and government sectors in the Middle East and beyond.”

Declan Ganley, CEO of Rivada Space Networks, added: “We are delighted to be partnering with Wiseband based on their long history and expertise in serving the telecoms sector in Middle East region. Rivada’sOuterNET is what data communications has been waiting for – a game-changing constellation that re-defines connectivity in terms of security, latency, capacity, efficiency and coverage. As a completely new type of LEO constellation, the OuterNET can provide the Middle East region with a next-generation infrastructure for secure, resilient communications and network expansion.”

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