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Study: AI is not yet capable of replacing creative jobs

January 17, 2024

New findings reveal that humans can follow a creative brief better than AI.

AI is advancing rapidly, and although it’s being used to improve processes in a variety of industries, employees are still seemingly fearful for their jobs. Each month, thousands Google “what jobs will AI replace?” (according to Google Trends) and searches for marketing jobs are down 19 per cent this month.
Do creatives have anything to worry about? Bynder ran a study to see whether 1,000 marketing experts prefer AI-generated branding to manmade.
A human team and an AI team were given a brief to create a name and imagery for a gym wear brand. The experiment found that 75 per cent of the marketers judging the work believed that humans could follow a brief better than AI.

A third team, where a human used AI, was also briefed, but experts still preferred the fully human made content.

What’s more, the majority of marketers could tell when branding had been influenced by AI. The content created by the human and AI team was thought to look the least human made, followed by the purely AI-generated branding. Only 30 per cent selected the version that had been created by a human designer.

Although there is worry amongst the marketing community about whether AI can replace designers and branding professionals, Bynder’s findings suggest this will not be the case.

Warren Daniels, CMO at Bynder, commented: “By 2025, we believe 100 per cent of content will be AI-influenced. However, when using it in content operations such as strategy and ideation, brands need a blended approach, deploying AI where it can add the most value, with the least risk. To avoid risk, it’s essential that brands are responsible when implementing AI by using audit trails and involving their legal teams to ensure they’re not running into copyright issues.”

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