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Secrets of a Murder Detective coming to TRUE CRIME

February 6, 2024

TRUE CRIME, the #1 factual entertainment channel in the UK amongst women 16+[1], part of a joint venture owned by AMC Networks International – UK and Paramount Global, has announced the premiere of a new, expert-led true crime original series offering an insight into recent murder investigations. Secrets of a Murder Detective (10×60’) was produced by Phoenix Television and will premiere on March 20th in the UK.

The series, presented by former Scotland Yard Homicide Detective Inspector Steve Keogh, invites viewers into the intriguing realm of crime solving. With 30 years of experience under his belt including twelve years of service as a murder detective at the Metropolitan Police, Steve is opening up his contact books for the first time to reveal the secrets of what it really takes to be a murder detective on the frontline.

Each episode unfolds as a gripping narrative, with Steve setting the scene and tone of each murder case. The series takes viewers on an immersive journey through the crime and its investigation, from the beginning to the pivotal breakthrough leading to conviction. Steve provides unique and authentic insights into the intricate workings of investigations and the minds of detectives, bringing viewers into the heart of each case.

In the series, we’ll see Steve in conversation with leading officers on each case, as they share personal memories of the investigations. Additionally, viewers will also hear from key experts and family members for each case, as the investigation’s timeline is followed. Another key focus of the series is the use of modern investigative techniques and tools and the innovative ways experts on each case use these to solve the murders.

Cases include the story of soap actress Sian Blake and her two sons, who were murdered by her partner in 2015 and how the investigation evolved from a mid-risk missing person case to a homicide one. The series also explores the 2013 murder of 17-years-old Champion Ganda, who was a victim of a knife crime in East London. The episode gives viewers first-hand insight by Steve and other investigators who worked on the case, into the difficulties of similar cases with lack of leads and suspects. In another episode, viewers will learn more about Dena Thompson, known in the British press as ‘The Black Widow’ and the investigation into the deaths of her previous partners.

Secrets of a Murder Detective offers a riveting blend of suspense, education, and celebration of exceptional detective work, providing viewers with a unique behind-the-scenes look at recent cases.

Sam Rowden, Vice President of Content and Production, AMC Networks International – UK, said: “Secrets of a Murder Detective opens up modern day policing and specifically, murder investigation, to our audiences. Phoenix have excelled themselves creatively with this series, and Steve Keogh’s Steve’s expertise and compassionate commentary will captivate and engage audiences with the kind of compelling stories our viewers have come to expect from TRUE CRIME.”

Jaimi West, founding partner at Phoenix Television, said: “This new series has been a real collaboration with Steve Keogh. Together with TRUE CRIME, we’ve created a unique programme that offers a fresh insight into the work of murder detectives and the cases they’re determined to solve”.

Secrets of a Murder Detective is the third Phoenix Television commission by TRUE CRIME. Phoenix previously produced Murder: Fight for the Truth and Murder: First on Scene for the channel.

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