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Betting TV ads and responsible gambling measures

February 22, 2024

Online gambling and betting are among the most widespread entertainment options nowadays – and millions of users are thrilled by the opportunity to try their luck and get the chance to win cash. However, a responsible approach to this pastime is on the agenda in 2024.

Regulatory authorities and non-profit support organizations highlight the importance of promoting responsible gambling behaviours in the community. Popularizing this approach through TV ads is one of the ways to inform people about the potential harms and the significance of maintaining a healthy attitude toward this entertainment.

Updated Requirements for TV Betting Advertisement

Even though it might be surprising to many, TV ads promoting bookmakers are allowed in the UK and many other countries. However, such risky entertainment options must be promoted in a socially responsible way. Therefore, betting operators can speak out loud about their brands and the opportunities they can bring to punters.

On the other hand, they are obliged to transfer safer gambling messages, encouraging users to be responsible when joining an online sportsbook or visiting a land-based betting shop. Overall, promoting online casino without GamStop is not prohibited, but operators must ensure compliance with multiple rules to promote a responsible approach to gambling.

For instance, gambling ads should be described in detail so that users will not only be attracted by the benefits they receive but also get the chance to explore the possible pitfalls like wagering requirements and other tricky conditions.

According to reports, betting ads can take up to 20 per cent of the broadcast time. Everyone keen on sports and preferring to watch events live knows that gambling operators often place their advertisements during the stream. However, these promotional campaigns are required to be well-thought-out and encourage users to bet responsibly. Ads shouldn’t have a strong appeal for youngsters, as this generation is more prone to addiction development.

To ensure responsible gambling practices, individuals can explore several UK bookmakers that offer a range of options for those seeking to bet responsibly. Incorporating these sites provides a diverse selection for users to make informed choices while prioritizing responsible gambling habits.

Success Stories: The Best Examples of Betting Ads

Sports and betting have been interconnected for centuries; therefore, you can see numerous gambling ads during matches and tournaments. Of course, they primarily aim to increase customer engagement on bookmaker sites and motivate users to place a bet in a particular online sportsbook. However, the requirement of sticking to social responsibility must be met.

SkyBet Responsible Advertisement Campaign

SkyBet launched a famous TV ad in 2017 – and it’s relevant till now. The company’s slogan is “When the fun stops, stop,” which should encourage punters to develop self-control and know the right time to quit the bookmaker platform.    That year, the market didn’t boast so many responsible gambling initiatives, so the company was one of the first to break the ice and promote this topic.

The company’s CEO mentioned that supporting a healthy approach to this risky entertainment and supplying risk seekers with all the important information remains SkyBet’s main value.

William Hill Ads

William Hill is among the gambling industry pioneers – the online platform has been around since 1998, while the brand itself was established in 1934. The company heavily invests in promoting itself and has already gained a reputation as an industry leader. Compliance with rules and requirements is among the main benefits of William Hill, which is why millions of people trust this brand.

Therefore, the company decided to dedicate 20 per cent of its screen time to educating viewers on safer gambling and betting. The William Hill ambassadors highlight the importance of placing bets responsibly and perceive pastimes on bookmaker sites as entertainment, not a source of income.

The Efficiency of Betting Ads on TV

According to the UKGC report on gambling advertising, around 76 per cent of gambling ads are shown on TV, confirming this promotional means as the most effective one. Other ways to promote online betting include radio and ads on billboards. Such statistics are not shocking, as millions of people follow the anticipated sports matches on television. Therefore, it’s profitable for gambling companies to collaborate with channels and purchase screen time to target more people.

Research indicates that over 30 per cent of users engaging in betting activities gained interest in gambling pastime after watching a particular ad. Therefore, it can be concluded that promotional campaigns on TV and effective. Bookmakers and casino operators need to concentrate on responsible gambling initiatives to popularize this approach among viewers.

The Final Word

The responsible betting trend is gaining popularity in the UK and beyond its borders; addiction rates are alarming, so the issue should be addressed as soon as possible. Informing punters of potential negative consequences using all the available means is critical for maintaining a healthy approach to this entertainment.

The newest UKGC regulations require gambling and betting businesses to devote approximately 20 per cent of their screen time to responsible behaviours and sources to use when facing negative betting consequences. And, we must admit that some of the best TV ads fall into this category. Such an approach helps decrease the number of problem bettors and provide them with more beneficial experiences that don’t lead to harmful consequences.

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