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Samsung Display gives €3.8bn to parent company

March 27, 2024

By Chris Forrester

Samsung Display has paid out its first-ever dividend since it was spun-off as a separate company in 2012. According to reports, Samsung’s stand-alone display business will pay a dividend to Samsung Electronics of 5.6 Trillion Won (€3.8 billion).

During a shareholders’ meeting, Samsung Display voted to distribute 25,400 won per share in dividends, totalling 6.65 trillion won.

Samsung Electronics, the biggest shareholder of Samsung Display with an 84.8 per cent stake, is happy to be the recipient of the windfall, given that the parent company requires substantial cash reserves to fund its significant investments in the semiconductor sector.

Meanwhile, Samsung has been granted patents that could prove to be extremely valuable in ‘Tri-Fold’ and rollable display technologies. The Tri-fold device – for a smartphone – was first showcased at CES in 2022, while the rollable small screen has been in development for some years (your author first saw a rollable TV screen enclosed within a pen-sized device some 10 years ago).

The drawings which accompany the rollable patent show its application in tablets and laptop-sized devices. There is no word – as yet – on the products introduction to the consumer market.

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