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Brazil to roll out new digital TV standard in 2025

April 4, 2024

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Brazil is launching a new TV standard called TV 3.0 in 2025. This technology, according to the government, will revolutionise the way people watch TV by integrating it with the internet.

Viewers will use apps to navigate channels, replacing the traditional number system on remote controls. This will allow channels to offer additional on-demand content, such as shows and games.

Picture quality will be significantly improved, at least four times better than current HDTV. Viewers can expect to watch in 4K over the air and even 8K with an internet connection, while contrast will be enhanced through HDR technologies.

TV 3.0 promises a more realistic listening experience. For example, viewers can choose to focus on the singer’s voice or isolate the sound of the crowd. Additionally, viewers can customise the channels they watch, including themes and advertisements.

TV 3.0 opens doors for new revenue streams for broadcasters, including interactive advertising and integrating e-commerce directly into broadcasts.

Brazil’s Minister of Communications, Juscelino Filho, announced plans to explore credit lines for broadcasters to invest in the new TV 3.0 transmission technology.

The Brazilian Terrestrial Digital TV System Forum (SBTVD), supported by the Ministry of Communications, is coordinating research into technological standards for TV of the Future. These standards are being developed by Brazilian universities and industry partners. New TV sets manufactured from 2025 onwards will incorporate this technology.

Following an international call for proposals, the Ministry of Communications received 32 proposals for candidate technologies. After field tests, the government narrowed down the options to the Japanese and American models, according to Secretary of Electronic Social Communication, Wilson Diniz. However, Diniz does not rule out a hybrid approach incorporating European technology for broadcasting TV on mobile devices.

SBTVD is in the final phase of testing the transmission technologies for the proposed TV 3.0 standard. By December, the results will be evaluated, and a recommendation for the final technological standard will be made.

It’s worth noting that around 70 per cent of the Brazilian population relies on TV as their primary source of audiovisual content.

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