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Swank Motion Pictures elevates quality assurance with Interra Systems

April 4, 2024

Interra Systems, a provider of end-to-end quality assurance solutions to the digital media industry, has announced that its longstanding customer, Swank Motion Pictures, is using the enterprise-class version of Interra Systems’ BATON solution to optimise quality control and compliance. With the AI-/ML-enabled automated QC platform, Swank Motion Pictures can detect a variety of video quality issues at an early stage and streamline quality excellence.

“Swank Motion Pictures distributes a wide range of programming to customers over land and sea,” said Mark Floyd, manager of digital lab services at Swank Motion Pictures. “Once our content reaches its destination, it has to work. Interra Systems’ BATON provides us with the assurance that it will and that our customers will enjoy an optimal viewing experience.”

The BATON QC platform can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, providing Swank Motion Pictures with comprehensive quality, standards compliance, and regulatory and baseband checks for VoD content for linear and streaming workflows. The hybrid QC solution implements organisational QC policy to support a combination of automated and manual QC checks, improving workflow efficiency for Swank Motion Pictures. Built on a scalable architecture, BATON will ensure that as Swank Motion Pictures’ requirements evolve, the platform will grow to match its needs. Complementing this, Swank Motion Pictures is also using Interra Systems’ BATON Media Player to play, inspect, and verify audio and video content.

“We’re thrilled that Swank Motion Pictures uses our BATON platform to QC their file-based content,” said Ashish Basu, executive vice president, worldwide sales and business development at Interra Systems. “With the BATON enterprise application, Swank Motion Pictures has confidence to deliver outstanding-quality video content. BATON has been instrumental in helping them identify imperfections with detailed reports and an optional review process via the BATON Media player.”

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