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Virgin Media O2 rolls out new smart support service

April 8, 2024

Virgin Media O2 has initiated the roll out of a new service that will it says help to boost broadband reliability by proactively tackling issues remotely at no extra cost for customers.

Known as ‘smart support’ the new service to tackle customers’ network niggles arrives as research by Virgin Media O2 found that more than 1 in 3 British broadband users (34 per cent) claim they wouldn’t feel confident trying to fix their WiFi if something went wrong, even though 98 per cent of Brits rely on the internet every day.

The service promises to enhance customers’ experience when streaming, video calling or gaming simultaneously, ensuring a reliable connection for the whole household. Smart support monitors customers’ WiFi Hubs and assesses the health of their connection, flagging potential issues including speed drops and disconnections to help build a full picture of the Hub’s performance.

Built using technology from Cisco ThousandEyes (formerly SamKnows) smart support will initially target 300,000 Virgin Media broadband customers whose connections will be checked throughout the year as the service learns and evolves, before being rolled out more widely to all customers in the future.

Enrolled customers will see their connection supported through a multi-layered approach, which includes:

  1. Always-on monitoring: Using smart support technology to constantly monitor the customer’s broadband speeds and connection performance.
  2. Problem solving: If a fault is detected, the WiFi Hub will work automatically overnight to try and resolve the issue.
  3. Tailored advice: If the suspected issue cannot be fixed remotely, the customer will be sent personalised advice on how they can try to resolve the issue themselves.
  4. Easy to book expert help: Should this be unsuccessful; the customer will be invited to book a free engineer appointment at a time that suits them.

Later this year, the smart support service will become more sophisticated so it can accurately diagnose a wider range of in-home connectivity issues, as well as enhancing the journey for new customers during the install period and providing guidance on tackling in-home WiFi blackspots to ensure great signal throughout the home.

Director of Connectivity at Virgin Media O2, Gareth Lister, says: “Virgin Media has long been recognised for ultrafast speeds, but we also know that reliability is equally important which is why we’re rolling out a new, innovative smart support service that will proactively act as a helping hand to fix network niggles and optimise the performance of our connectivity – often with customers not needing to do a thing. Smart support will evolve over time, reducing hassle for our customers and further improving connectivity for those that need it to offer a best-in-class service for all.”

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