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ASG launches Adobe Premiere plugin for NVIDIA Holoscan for Media

April 10, 2024

Advanced Systems Group has announces the availability of the company’s Diaquest plugin for direct communication between Adobe Premiere desktops and the NVIDIA Holoscan for Media platform. The plugin allows for real-time audio and video output from a Premiere desktop (virtual or metal) into Holoscan for Media signal flow, as well as recording directly within Premiere.

NVIDIA Holoscan for Media is a software-defined platform for developing and deploying media applications. It’s built on industry standards and APIs, including SMPTE ST 2110, AMWA NMOS, RIST, SRT, and NDI. The platform enables vendors to develop and broadcasters to deploy location-agnostic and vendor-neutral compute infrastructure. ASG was part of the NVIDIA Holoscan for Media Early-Access Developer Program.

“For content producers deploying Holoscan for Media environments, adding the Diaquest Premiere editor plugin means they no longer need to go through NDI, SMPTE 2110, or another intermediary,” explains Advanced Systems Group President Dave Van Hoy. “The plugin allows users to take audio and video directly from Premiere into Holoscan, creating a virtual environment for the routing and processing of video and audio signals in real time, independent of transport protocol or codec.”
“Today’s audio and video workflows demand the latest and greatest technology to create next-generation output,” said Sepi Motamedi, Global Product and Industry Marketing Lead for Live Media Solutions at NVIDIA. “ASG’s latest plugin for NVIDIA Holoscan for Media transforms traditional broadcast infrastructure, delivering greater creativity and work flexibility while considerably reducing the total cost of ownership.”
The Diaquest plugin will be available concurrently with the general release of Holoscan for Media.

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