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Sky News details UK elections coverage

April 29, 2024

Voters across England and Wales will go to polls on May 2nd to elect councillors, metro mayors and police and crime commissioners in what will be the last big electoral test before the next general election.

Sky News will bring audiences the full story, with special coverage from when the polls close, through the weekend to the mayoral result announcements. The political unit of Beth Rigby, Sam Coates and Ed Conway will join presenters Sophy Ridge, Mark Austin and Jonathan Samuels to explore and analyse the results and what they mean for the country.

Dan Williams, Head of Politics, Sky News, commented: “The 2024 local and mayoral elections will help reveal public opinion heading into a general election and will have implications for all parties. From the when the polls close to the results being announced over the weekend, Sky News will bring audiences the full story, first, with expert analysis across all platforms and reporting teams across the UK.”

Local elections on Sky News

The coverage will begin from midnight on May 3rd after the polls close, as Jonathan Samuels presents a Vote 2024 overnight results programme alongside Tamara Cohen and Gurpreet Narwan from 12am to 6am, bringing viewers the latest updates as the race to count votes begins.

They’ll be joined by Sky News’ political team and Sky’s Election Analyst Professor Michael Thrasher.

Expert regional and political correspondents will also take audiences to key voting areas across the UK, including the by-election in Blackpool South, to provide full story of what’s happening on the ground.

Throughout May 3rd, the special coverage will continue with lead politics presenter Ridge and chief presenter Austin. They’ll be joined by Rigby, Coates; and Economics and Conway, analysing the data and asking the big questions as the results come in.

Thrasher will help audiences visualise the impact of the results with the first digital projections of the House of Commons and national equivalent vote share. Ridge will also host a special edition of Politics Hub on the evening of May 3rd, offering a full analysis and breakdown of the local elections from 7pm – 9pm.

With the story moving to mayoral results over the weekend, Ridge will be back in the studio with full coverage of the results, before bringing the weekend’s reporting to a close with a second special episode of Politics Hub on May 4th, 7pm – 9pm.

Special editions of Sky News’ chart-topping podcasts will also air throughout the weekend: Electoral Dysfunction’s igby, Jess Phillips MP and Ruth Davidson will regroup early on May 3rd to react to the first major results; Coates will be on the Sky News Daily Podcast on the afternoon of May 3rd for an in-depth download of the latest developments; and the May 5th episode of Politics at Jack and Sam’s will navigate the big question of where the results leave the country ahead of a general election.

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