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Ofcom: wrong question, wrong answer

In the few hours since Jeremy Hunt announced his non-decision on referral of the News bid for BSkyB – Hunt (and Number 10) remain desperate to sit on the fence – the war of words that has broken out between News and Ofcom wouldn’t be out of place at a prize fight press conference. Barely […]

January 25, 2011 Nick Snow

Pass the vegetables

Jeremy Hunt has, by his own admission, ‘a very hot potato’ to handle with his choice of whether to refer News Corp’s bid for the outstanding shares in Sky to the Competition Commission. He will soon pass on the super heated vegetable, and all the signs are he’ll throw it to the Commission to decide […]

January 19, 2011 Nick Snow

CES Diary

‘Please keep taking the Tablets’ could be the motto of CES 2011. Not surprisingly, given the runaway success of the iPad, an industry known for bandwagons has not been slow to throw a slew of screen sizes and functions at the market (there’s a general coyness about prices). Classic is Panasonic which has rushed out […]

January 6, 2011 Nick Snow

CES Diary

We’ve all been here I know, but that doesn’t make it less weird. My watch says it’s 10.15pm, but the arm wearing it – and the rest of my body – knows its 06.15am tomorrow. So here I am tapping away with one eye on the updating test score in Australia. I arrived a few […]

January 6, 2011 Nick Snow

Did I say that out loud?

We all have moments we wish we had kept out thoughts to ourselves rather letting their assumed importance persuade us to share them with the world in general. Over sharing is an affliction common to politicians (and, of course, bloggers and columnists – but then that is rather their point). Vince Cable is paying a […]

December 23, 2010 Nick Snow

Regulators get busy on Neutrality and Ownership

On both sides of the Atlantic the rule makers are readying Net Neutrality legislation and seem likely to head in different directions. The FCC in Washington has been trying to bring broadband provision under the mush stricter telecom carrier regime and, in horse-trading to avoid this fate, service providers have backed-off their opposition to Neutrality […]

November 26, 2010 Nick Snow

Content King only if you own it

ITV’s revenues and profits are resurgent, proving again that it has the world’s simplest business model and that you are just unlucky if you end up running it (or any other FTA commercial channel) in an advertising down turn. But the new management team says it doesn’t want to ride its luck and has set […]

November 16, 2010 Nick Snow

Little commitment to connected?

  Transition, disruption, opportunity, threat; all descriptions that can be applied to most digital media developments. Which one you choose will depend on where you, or your company, sit in the current ecosystem and, therefore, your perspective. Recently we held a video roundtable on OTT Services (available on the site now); a classic major development […]

November 2, 2010 Nick Snow

Apple coming to the crunch?

Seems a weird thing to wonder when Apple recently became the second biggest company on the Dow by stock value, but could this be the high water mark? Apple has out powered all contenders by repeating its trick of game-changing UI’s (remember the Apple Mac GUI that started the whole thing) and allying it with […]

October 19, 2010 Nick Snow

BBC protests too much

  Here in the UK a band of rival media owners have written to the Business Secretary, the Lib Dem Vince Cable, urging him to intervene to stop News Corp taking full control of BSkyB should it proceed with its bid. The letter says News Corp ownership of Sky alongside its existing ownership of The […]

October 12, 2010 Nick Snow