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FCC must rule on ISP P2P traffic control

A distributor of online video content has filed a complaint with the US Federal Communications Commission, asking the agency to stop broadband providers from blocking or slowing P2P traffic. The petition filed by Vuze, which uses the BitTorrent to distribute Web content, asks the FCC to set rules for network management by ISPs. Vuze’s filing […]

November 19, 2007

Google DoubleClick deal, new scrutiny

Google’s proposed £3.1 billion (E4.49bn) purchase of DoubleClick will face an in-depth second-phase review, after the European Commission expressed concerns about competition issues. The European Commission’s Competition Unit will conduct the investigation under the EU Merger Regulation, after its initial market review indicated competition concerns in the online advertising and intermediation markets. The Commission now […]

November 16, 2007

EU set for new telco rules

The European Union is set to launch new reform proposals for the telecoms sector in a bid to increase competition and create a single market. Draft proposals are expected to include plans to create a regional watchdog and give Brussels greater power to change the decisions of national regulators. The plans, set to be announced […]

November 15, 2007

FCC new rules for 'saturated' cable market?

A report by the Federal Communications Commission is claimed to show that cable TV companies have reached a subscriber saturation point that may lead to the agency exerting greater regulatory authority over the industry. The finding is in an annual report that assesses competition in the pay-television market. The report will conclude that the agency […]

November 13, 2007

Regulator against Sogecable-Telefonica

From David Del Valle in Madrid The Spanish Competition authorities has started legal proceedings against the recent alliance between the Spain’s largest pay-TV group Sogecable and Telefónica to launch a joint triple play offer and joinly negotiate with TV content providers. The National Council of Competition (CNC) argues that there is evidence of an abuse […]

November 13, 2007

ITV wants Sky out

ITV has told the UK Competition Commission it wants Sky off its share register. The broadcaster said Sky’s ability to influence ITV’s decisions on planned investments would lead to a "substantial loosening" of competition, which required a "comprehensive and effective" remedy. In its submission to the Commission, which is currently investigating Sky’s stake, ITV said […]

November 8, 2007

France considers digital dividend

French telecommunications regulator ARCEP has published a summary of its public consultation- launched July 2007 – aimed at enlightening public authorities in their work on the digital dividend conducted under the aegis of the Comité Stratégique pour le Numérique. Several players, especially from the telecommunications sector, but also a very small number of contributors from […]

November 8, 2007

57% of DTR owners regularly time-shift their viewing

Top Up TV has revealed the results of a customer survey that revealed 57 per cent of its customers regularly use their Digital Television Recorder (DTR) to time-shift more than 50 per cent of the programmes they watch. “Our customers are time-shifting more than ever before… People want their TV viewing to fit in with […]

November 7, 2007

US TV writers strike over web revenue

Film and TV writers are to stage their first strike for two decades, after last-minute talks failed. The WGA wants writers to receive a slice of the additional advertising revenue that studios make when TV shows are streamed over the Internet. It also wants an additional reward for creating bespoke digital content for the Internet […]

November 6, 2007

Consumer TV buoyed by FCC action

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has prohibited all television service providers from entering into or enforcing exclusive access provisions that block competitors from serving apartments, condominiums or other private real estate developments. “Millions of consumers live in apartments, condos or other private developments, and, until now, many of them have been denied the benefits of […]

November 2, 2007