Advanced Television


IPTV equipment posts strong growth in Q2

The Synergy report finds that IPTV equipment sales continue to be driven by upgrades to Carrier networks, especially at the Edge, handling the surge in subscriber and traffic growth. Synergy anticipates Worldwide IPTV subscribers are set to increase substantially over the next two years and approach close to 40 million by 2010. Synergy research further […]

August 19, 2008

Brits hit by obsolete DTT STBs

Freeview had warned customers about the upgrade process via local media. It estimated that 230,000 of the 23 million Freeview boxes sold to date would no longer work. These were early models, made before the industry-standard ';digital tick' logo came into effect in May 2006 to indicate that equipment was designed to work through the […]

August 15, 2008

Video server markets to reach $1.5 billion

"Cable, broadcast and telco TV are all highly competitive markets for video servers," noted ABI Research industry analyst Zippy Aima. "Cable and broadcast are the more traditional modes of entertainment for consumers, but cable providers and telcos have been quicker to adapt to market trends and to offer innovative consumer services. But to remain competitive, […]

August 14, 2008

Pace wins SA HD deal

The TDS850IMC features a large hard drive – sufficient to record up to 50 hours of HD content or 150 hours of standard definition (SD) content – and quad-tuners. Two tuners will be dedicated to programme recording, while the third will enable users to view a third channel, with full PVR functionality, while two other […]

August 12, 2008

iDTVs edging out STBs?

Stephen Froehlich, Senior Analyst, Consumer Electronics, noted that in Japan, iDTVs already displace about 1.7 million satellite set-top box shipments each year, having reduced that market from 2 million unit shipments in 2003 to just 0.3 million in 2007. “While the conditions in Japan that allow this are unique, it is clear that US cable […]

August 7, 2008

STB market booming

Worldwide digital STB unit shipments reached 143 million in 2007, up sharply from 121 million in 2006. Worldwide digital STB product revenues hit $14 billion in 2007, an increase of $3 billion over 2006 revenues. The market for semiconductor components inside digital STBs also grew significantly last year. The total value of semiconductors embedded in […]

August 4, 2008