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ATV@ Sony 4kUHD Theatre MIP TV. Bertrand Loyer, Saint Thomas Productions

Bertrand Loyer talks about being a UHD early adopter – using 4K since 2009 – for Saint Thomas’s wild life and natural disaster shooting. He says UHD and particularly HDR is an evolution in the viewers relationship with the screen with ‘as the eye sees’ pictures for the first time and ability to naturally follow […]

April 6, 2016

ATV@ Sony 4kUHD Theatre MIP TV. Prashant Chothani, TravelXP

Prashant Chothani, CEO of TravelXP based in Mumbai has shot 4K UHD all over the world for his international travel channel and speaks about how UHD changes the creative approach, the challenge of data wrangling in the field and the work arounds needed as you wait for standards to settle. [bitsontherun pDgOsWsN-ni7dlelE]

April 5, 2016

ATV@ Sony 4K UHD Theatre MIP TV, Royal Opera House

Tony Followell, Head of Media, at London’s Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, explains their commitment to UHD for their audience beyond the opera house, reflects on technical trials and new business models and predicts a UHD future for the company’s growing remote audience. [bitsontherun NqFgV7xv-ni7dlelE]

April 4, 2016

ATV@ Sony 4K UHD Theatre MIP TV, Infront Sport

Daniele Gauna reveals what they have learned in trial broadcasts of Serie A as they prepare to bring a slate of games to the Italian audience next season. And he looks forward to more sport coverage in UHD. [bitsontherun eCcVz9gb-ni7dlelE]

April 4, 2016

ATV@ Sony 4K UHD Theatre MIP TV, BBC

Andy King, Technology Controller BBC Television, talks about the broadcaster’s commitment to UHD, what they are learning as they trial the first drama shoots, and the importance of agreeing some standards. [bitsontherun v8oWKXBL-ni7dlelE]

April 4, 2016