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EU may relax M&A to boost 5G

EU regulators may relax rules against mobile telecoms mergers and broaden telecoms rules to get Big Tech and others to help fund the rollout of 5G, according to a European Commission document reported by Reuters. National telcos have long lobbied EU antitrust regulators to loosen rules that clampdown on mergers that reduce the number of […]

February 14, 2024

MPs warn on Big Tech tax dodging

The Public Accounts Committee of the UK House of Commons has said that the success of the Digital Services Tax is tempered by concern about future avoidance or evasion by Big Tech.  As long ago as 2012, the Public Accounts Committee called on HMRC to address multinationals avoiding UK corporation tax by moving money to […]

April 5, 2023By Colin Mann

Think tank: EC should reject ‘fair share’ proposal

Following the European Commission’s launch of a consultation on a proposal to make content companies pay government-mandated fees to broadband providers, science and technology policy think tank the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), has called for rejection of the plan. “The Internet ecosystem relies on negotiated agreements between broadband providers and content companies,” says […]

February 27, 2023By Colin Mann

Survey: 95% marketers expect to be impacted by recession

Marketing in a cost of living crisis, a shift in Big Tech strategies, and audience fragmentation are some of the big challenges for brands in 2023, as revealed by WARC’s Marketer’s Toolkit 2023: Global Trends Report. The 12th edition of The Marketer’s Toolkit brings together insights from a survey of 1,700+ marketing executives from around […]

November 9, 2022

GSMA restates Big Tech infrastructure stance

Mobile industry trade body the GSMA has issued a statement saying that it strongly believes that the future of Europe’s digital economy requires action to ensure that those Big Tech players, driving large and increasing traffic volumes over European networks, make a fair contribution to infrastructure investment. It says the publication of the BEREC (Body […]

October 13, 2022By Colin Mann

Euro telcos call for Big Tech network cash

The CEOs of 16 European telcos have issued statement calling for the largest traffic generators to make a fair contribution to the “sizeable” costs they currently impose on European networks. Noting the role of connectivity in addressing current EU challenges, they say they are writing with a sense of urgency, as the European Commission looks […]

September 27, 2022By Colin Mann

Europe’s telcos call for big tech network cost contribution

Currently, tech giants do not contribute a fair share to the deployment of telecom networks, while generating network-related costs of tens of billion euros, notes telecoms trade body ETNO, who suggests this weakens Europe’s capacity to swiftly achieve connectivity targets. According to a report, Europe’s internet ecosystem: socio-economic benefits of a fairer balance between tech […]

May 3, 2022By Colin Mann

US creatives: Big Tech’s copyright views ‘imbalanced’

CreativeFuture, a US coalition that promotes the value of creativity in today’s digital age, has criticised so-called Big Tech’s stance on copyright, calling its views “imbalanced”. In a blog post, Ruth Vitale, Chief Executive Officer, suggests Big Tech’s house is in shambles, shaken by scandals, and people all over the world are creating pressure to […]

November 2, 2020By Colin Mann

US Congress calls out Big Tech market power

The US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee’s Antitrust Subcommittee has released the findings of its more than 16-month long investigation into the state of competition in the digital economy, especially the challenges presented by the dominance of Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook and their business practices. The report, Investigation of Competition in the Digital Marketplace: […]

October 8, 2020By Colin Mann