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Connected demand in Europe

December 14, 2007

According to research from Cisco, broadband users in Western Europe may be even more interested in living 'The Connected Life' than US consumers, and many are willing to pay for the value a service like this can provide.

Ninety-per cent of European broadband users expressed an interest in a connected life service – anytime, anywhere access to all household digital media content – compared to only 77 per cent in the US. Furthermore, 42 per cent are willing to spend E3.5 per month to enable easy management of and access to their household digital content, yet they struggle to find the right innovative solution which is simple, quick to install and highly secure.

This view was part of the findings from the Cisco Connected Consumer study for Western Europe. Researchers selected a hypothetical service as part of a broader connected life service offering, and then canvassed the views of 1,500 broadband users across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. The connected life service would enable the storage, management and use of all of a household's digital media and content via any device, and at anytime or place. The suggested household content includes TV, films, the household calendar and address book, digital photos, video clips and music.

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